Delivery Information

Free delivery is ONLY offered for people who know the band, and are prepared to wait for their items and collect them from us at mutually suitable times.  Band Members will make best endeavours for this to be a timely fashion but on occasion, real life circumstances make cause this to be a matter of weeks.  Orders placed using the Free Delivery option without communication to the band to arrange collection will be cancelled and refunded.

As we are a small, unsigned band, we do not hold stock on any of our physical items, but rather engage with other suppliers in a delivery-on-demand model.  This allows us to keep our costs low, whilst still offering a wide range of products to our fans, as they are made on an ad-hoc basis.

Due to this, regular Apparel orders should normally be delivered within 10 days of order, and usually far less that that, but please, again, allow 28 days before raising complaints.  If we become aware of any situation which will delay your order over the normal 10 days, we will of course inform you.

All payments are taken via Paypal only, to provide both the band, our suppliers, and you the fans, with adequate protection in case of any problems.